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starbound review

Starbound Review – Starbound is an action, adventure and sandbox type video game. It was developed by the studio Chucklefish Games, which specially made its name with Risk of Rain, and most recently, Stardew Valley.

Starbound Review

Starbound is a sandbox type video game (very important freedom for the player, see Minecraft, or Garry’s mode). It is available on steam for $14.99 if you don’t already have it. Otherwise, if you are patient, you can still wait for the steam sales this summer.

starbound review

When setting up a new game, you must select the race of our character from the following seven: Avian (birds), Apex (Apelike), Floran (Plantlike), Glitch (Robotlike), Human(Less apelike), Hylotl (Amphibian) and Novakid (Starlike). The gameplay does not differ depending on the race chosen. Indeed, they are limited to the appearance of our ship and our basic armour. It’s still a shame, because the Hylotls could, for example, breathe underwater without the help of a device. However, there is so much content in the game that this detail is quickly forgotten.

Starbound Character

Apex: look like monkeys, very close to humans. They dedicate their lives to the evolution and survival of their race.

Avian: they look like birds (beak, feather) but have no wings. They are very religious, their God is called Kluex.

Floran: plant race, race is known to be hostile, they are afraid of fire and light.

Glitch: program invented by a very intelligent race, they look like robots.

Human: as ordinary as us, they had to leave their planet because a space alien was arriving. They are trying to survive and explore.

Hylotl: aquatic Amphibian, they have fins and are inspired by Japanese culture.

Novakid be like Starlike.

Before all the updates that came to complete the game, there had been a lot of negative feedback on the achievements of the game (the game scheme was always the same:

  • find material and objects
  • make armour in this material
  • find a better material
  • make a better armour
  • find material even better

– You understand the principle I think.

Well, personally for the moment I don’t feel that at all, maybe it’s because you’re at the very beginning of the game, I don’t know. It is very time-eating game, be careful. You can spend hours exploring the planets. There are also quests to do, some are important to continue to progress, others are additional (but still useful for understanding the mechanics of the game). In terms of graphics, it looks like Terraria, but there is more adventure in Starbound, there are more NPCs, you can learn a lot about the different races during the game. Terraria in this game, level of graphics, the killing of monsters, exploration. However, I find it more complete with the quest system. The universes are very diverse.

starbound review


To conclude I would say that it is a very good game which offers a lot of things on its price and which is excellent for playing with others. If you are addicted to Terraria, you can easily go on Starbound. You can play with multiple friends to increase pleasure. The only negative point that I find is the level of difficulty which is not high (except if you have no armour you go for a hostile but good planet). A very good game that I recommend to everyone if you want a game where you explore the universe.