shadow fight 3 – Beginners Guide

shadow fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is a wonderful and amazing action game. The developer was the NEKKI team, and the game itself is available for download on iOS and Android devices on smartphones and tablet PCs. The game takes place in the days of feudal Japan, the user is given the opportunity to be a hero whose future has not yet been fully determined. In this part of the game, the gamer will be able to choose the equipment of the character, learn new movements and tricks, and take part in various game modes. We have prepared some tips that will help in mastering the game.

shadow fight 3

Stand Still to Block

Just waving a weapon in all directions is one of the mistakes of the beginning fighters of Shadow Fight 3. Usually, each opponent strikes a combo in the amount of two or three hits, you need to wait when the animation of the opponent’s strike has almost stopped and at that moment to strike. The situation with bosses is almost the same; only such opponents most often use the block – the moment when the boss leaves the strike blocking mode is the most suitable for the attack.

Counter Attacks

There is one priceless strategy of all times: the best defense attacks. This does not mean a constant attack of the enemy, but it is best to block counter blows when you stand still rather than in motion. Try to catch the moment when the enemy makes a swing and attack. Such a trick can be done if the enemy performs the second or third strike of his combo, of course at your own risk, but if you are lucky you will stop a whole series of strikes.

shadow fight 3

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Learn Combos

In addition to what we have said above, the skill of combos moves is also fundamental to victory. Each of your attacks potentially makes your character vulnerable to enemy attacks at this moment.

  • You can keep the enemy at a short distance. This will give a chance to make a “throw”, and after he rises – either to inflict a series of combo attacks or to perform a throw again.
  • Do not forget about dodging. Quickly press the “back and forth” buttons twice on the improvised joystick to dodge the enemy’s strike.
  • Try to avoid situations where your hero is trapped “in the corner.” This can play into the hands of your opponent, and he will score you to death without letting him take the strike.

Save your Shadow Energy

In Shadow Fight 3, the opponent will appear in front of the user in the flesh, and not in the shadow, as it was in previous parts. The method of enhancing strikes has also changed (in Shadow Fight 2 this was possible only by performing combos). If you notice a blue button next to the attack buttons, press it and move the joystick towards the desired ability. This ability will turn the hero into a shadow for a short time and will make your regular strikes much stronger. Shadow Energy can only be used after the blue bar under the health scale is filled. You can increase the speed of completion of this scale by performing various combo attacks and simple movements.

shadow fight 3

Some gamers think that after using shadow energy they become invisible or completely safe – this is a big mistake. A shadow character simply allows you to use additional “shadow abilities” and makes your attacks more powerful. It is best to use special skills when the hero is at a safe distance from the enemy. If you activate them too close to your opponent. You may have time to deal damage to you or block later attacks. There are also some ways that allow you to extend the time spent in the shadow mode.

Items and abilities

At the very beginning of the game, the fights will not strain the gamer much, you will win almost every time effortlessly. After each victory over the enemy, the hero will receive boxes from which he can get item cards – this is also one of Shadow Fight 3 innovations in collecting and improving equipment. Cards may fall different, starting with the rare ones and ending with the cards that you already have – they are used to update existing items in your inventory. You can also get ability cards that can improve skills and equip them in free weapon slots.

shadow fight 3

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Duels Mode

As we see, the only mode that can be used to sharpen battle skills is the Duel mode. In which the user fights in real time against the same players. You can play duels without any restrictions and receive coins and chests of cards as a reward for winning.

It is worth noting that to open each chest you need to wait a certain time or pay a few gems for an instant opening. In the opening queue, there can be a maximum of four chests, you will not receive chests as a reward if all the cells for the opening are occupied. Defeat in a battle will cost a character a duel point that is used to determine a combat league (DAN). The higher the combat league in which you play – the better items can fall from the chests won.

Side Quests

Shadow Fight 3 is a little different from Shadow Fight 2, mainly because you cannot replay campaign levels that have already been completed. In the game, there are side quests instead of the modes of “Mixed combat” and “Survival.”. The user can perform a certain number of side quests every few hours.

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We should not ignore their implementation, because for each completed task relies on a good reward as coins or gems. Usually, such quests are added by certain conditions: sometimes you have to play for a completely different character; the enemy can recover health; upon impact, the enemy inflicts damage by poison; to fight without weapons; restriction on the type of attack (only hand or foot only). If the execution of an assignment seems difficult for you, wait until the next one in return and proceed!

Experience points

Unfortunately, the duels mode and the execution of side quests will not bring gamers experience points for their character. You can earn experience points only by defeating Bosses and other opponents in the campaign mode.


Deng Rao

shadow fight 3

The very first Boss of the game is Deng Rao, who defeats the hero at the beginning of the game. To beat Deng Rao:

  • Try to reduce the gap, as the boss used weapons are more effective at medium distances with the hero.
  • Watch out for his shadow energy. Deng Rao has several abilities in stock: teleportation, fast spear rotation, combo-punch. It is best to avoid contact at all if it is in shadow mode.


Gizmo – a character with whom the hero meets from the very beginning of the game. In the story, he is your friend, but afterward, he will try to cheat you and become the second boss of the campaign. Gizmo has many different techniques. One of which is the most unpleasant: it captures the hero and makes many blows to the legs. Defeating him in battle is actually very simple, just try not to fall for this trick. Unlike Deng Rao, it’s better to fight with Gizmo weapons with a long sword or spear.