Garena Free Fire – Best Battle Royale on Mobile

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most played and watched battle royales on mobile devices. Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale in which players are leveled according to their performance in ranked matches. During the season, players battle to achieve the highest possible patent. Currently, there are six of them: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master, almost all with sub-divisions. If you have not yet tested the game, here is the complete Garena Free Fire Guide that shows everything from downloading the game to ensuring certain victories at the highest competitive levels.

garena free fire

Choose the right character

After downloading the game to your iPhone or Android. Players care little about choosing the character for each match. However, to increase the patent, it will be necessary to define the doll according to the characteristics of the doll and its game strategy. If you have three or more characters, you can combine your skills.

Start going after the fun

At the beginning levels, participate in some matches, the advice is: play as much as possible and explore all possibilities.

Use whatever is available, including weapons, grenades, vests, and vehicles to understand how each feature works. In addition, these games will allow the player to get accustomed to the rhythm of the game, moving the characters, appropriate ways to jump, squat and the like. Join friends if necessary and look for fun.

Garena Free Fire

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Equip yourself before each match

In Garena Free Fire, it is possible to equip the chosen character before the match even begins. These initial items can give great advantages to players and are divided into two types: Survival and Basic Loading.

The survival items are Bonfire (regenerate life), Call Airdrop (request a load with equipment) and Treasure Map (Mark on the map a location with equipment and upgrades). Already the basic loading can be armor, a backpack of the leg, medical kit and scanner.

Use the gas zone

The gas zone moves during the start and its size decreases with the passage of time. Predict movement so you can find a suitable place to position yourself. The gas zone limit is one of the best places to get kills. Some players leave to leave it at the last moment and are expose. With good positioning, you can eliminate many latecomers.

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Learn how to aim

Garena Free Fire, like the vast majority of shooting games, brings the player the possibility of using the weapons “from the hip”, that is, without aiming, or using the famous scopes.

Shooting using the popular “white target” is recommended for duels in short and medium range while pulling the advanced target is best only in situations where opponents are really far away.

A matter of survival

As in any other game of the battle royale genre, what matters is to be the last player alive, so worry about yourself and how to stay in the game.

Start by working your speed and how to speed up the basic processes of the game. For example: falling on the map, getting loot, organizing inventory and reaching a position of advantage.

After that, the next step is to venture into more difficult matches or into squads, which brings us to the next topic.

Find your role in the squad

When you begin to venture into squad matches, look for the function that suits you best:

  • Rush, that is, who goes ahead, gives the first shots at the enemies and causes the initial damage;
  • Auxiliary, stays at a distance, giving support and coverage to players of other functions;
  • Flanker, the squad member who diverts the attention of the opposing team, firing from another far position, the flank, creating the popular crossfire.

Garena Free Fire

Prepare for the competitive level

To close the tip comes to those who seek to evolve further into Garena Free Fire.

After understanding how everything works, perfecting your individual game and finding your place in the squad, it’s time to experience the highest levels of difficulty.

Find a guild within the game that needs a player of its function and face enemy groups. By being part of a guild, communication between team members will be better, and it becomes simpler to create better strategies.