FIFA 21: 2 Months Later

FIFA 21: 2 Months Later

The emergence of FIFA 21 came as a breath of fresh air for those fans of the title who, after the end of June or the beginning of July, already dismissed almost all the options to continue playing FIFA 20 (despite attempts with different events by from EA Sports like Summer Heat) and began to test titles such as Fall Guys (of which there is hardly any trace), Among Us and even GTA V Roleplay.

Every detail that EA Sports revealed about their new title throughout the summer only raised and raised the hype for future players. At the beginning of October that wait ended and after two months enjoying (and suffering) the game, there were real changes and others that have not been noticed so much.

What did FIFA 21 promise and what has it really delivered? They offered gameplay improvements in the fundamentals, that is, more realistic plays and improved mechanics such as ball controls, passes, collisions between players, etc.

The change has really been negligible in this regard. At least in the eyes of the average user, autoblocks, misdirected passes despite clearly pointing the joystick in one direction, and traversing (plays where the opposing striker seems to pass through a completely invisible defender in a totally strange way) continue to occur in all parties practically.

They also offered a greater AI intelligence. This came to suppose a better positioning, based on their stats, minor absurd drops in the offside, placement of the centrals in rival attacks, etc.

In this aspect, there does seem to be an improvement in the gameplay. The system is still not perfect, but you do see positional corrections in forwards who do not run like headless chickens forward without noticing the offside.

We have to talk about the agile dribble (which is also used by the new difficulty of the AI) that supposes a new ball control system based on the footprints more worthy of futsal.

The new system is noticed, and a lot, especially in expert players (or who they think they are). These little steps make it almost impossible to refute possession from a player who completely dominates them. It is a negative point for a balanced gameplay since until the player who uses these techniques decides not to attack, it is practically impossible to steal the ball.

We can forget about connection improvements. It seems that this is a reality, and EA Sports is trying to make the connection equal and beneficial to all its players. With the installation of the server in Madrid, it seems that the FUT Champions days (and online matches in general) are developing more smoothly than in previous editions.

FIFA 21 can be played now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Therefore, if you are enjoying the next-gen version as much as we do, don’t forget you can buy cheap FIFA coins on U7BUY!

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