FHX Server | Clash of Clans Private Server

FHX Server

FHX server | Clash of Clans private Server, another popular private server for Clash of Clans. With its features and popularity among Clashers, this server has managed to capture our attention. Unlike other websites, we give an honest review of private servers and rank these from worst to best. Check out the list of best Private Servers available for Clash of Clans (Click Here).

Disclaimer:  This post/article is just for information/education/entertainment purpose. We Do Not Promote Hacking/Cheating. We strongly advise you to play fair and without any cheats and hacks. The use of knowledge/information provided in this post/article is all up to user/reader. Download official versions of games the companies who made these games deserve the credit.

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FHX Server

This private server is one of the first private servers also known as Clash of Souls Server 1, don’t get confused it is the 1st server introduced by Clash of Souls Private Servers. It got so popular that it got its own name the FHX server. Also, check other Servers offered by Clash of Souls.

Clash of Souls Private Servers
Clash of Souls Private server

Key Features of FHX Server:

The reason behind this server’s popularity is its features. This server packs some good features. Let’s have a look at its features.

  • Unlimited Resources

    Never run out of resources. Get unlimited resources to upgrade buildings and to research new troops and spells.  With unlimited resources, you can get whatever you want.

  • Unlimited gems

The FHX server also gives you unlimited gems. You never have to spend any money to get these gems. These gems can be used anywhere in the game and for any task you want. For example, you use gems to instantly upgrade buildings, train troops at once or brew spells in no time.

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  • Attack others

It also features PvP battles. It means you can attack players playing in FHX server and raid their villages. Destroy others defenses and loot their resources.

FHX Server
PvP Battles
  • Town Hall 12

Get to town hall 12 easily with unlimited resources and gems. In the normal game, it can take up to a year to reach Town Hall 12 but with FHX you can get it in 1 day. Depends how much time you spend in the game.

Requirements for FHX Server:

It doesn’t require any special hardware or permissions. Here is the list of least required things to enjoy FHX server.

  1. You must have a working internet connection.
  2. 150 MB+ storage space.
  3. At least 512 MB RAM.
  4. Android 4.0 or newer.
  5. Minimum screen resolution of 480 * 800 pixels.


  1. Device storage Read/write permision to store and access game data.
  2. View and access internet connections.

How to Download?

Clash of Souls has its own utility application. Which allows to browse and download different server files. Since FHX is Server 1 of Clash of Souls, install this utility and download Server 1.

Download the Utility                               

Final Words:

We have tested this server and fount it inactive just like other servers of Clash of Souls.