Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk Download Unlimited Gold Coins and Ruby

Dr Driving 2 mod apk download with unlimited gold coins and ruby. Dr driving is a fantastic and very real-life driving simulator. Dr driving is the next version of dr driving. Dr driving mod apk is also available on gamesroute.com. Link is given below, click and download.

Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk Specification

Developed BySUD Inc.
File SizeApprox. 21 MB
ReviewsHalf Million Plus
Downloads10 Million Plus

Dr Driving 2 Mod Apk Screenshots

dr driving 2 mod apk
dr driving 2 mod with unlimited coins and ruby
Next version of dr driving
dr driving simulator app

Dr Driving 2 Story

Dr Driving is a simulator app or game for driving. And it is very difficult and real-life driving simulator. Dr driving 2 is an updated version of dr driving. And developers add many features and option in this version. Different modes are added in this version which is Career, Car Laboratory, Top Racer, Tournament, Taxi, and Championship. Gift box option is added in this version. Where you find different gift boxes. Basic is free after some time and other which is recycled box and the premium box is paid. Paid mean you can buy them with your gold coins and ruby which is unlimited in this mod.

Daily assignments are added where you assign jobs on daily bases and on their completion you receive gold coins. The garage is upgraded, for the new car, you need to collect car parts and then assemble them to get a car. You can buy these part with your gold bars and ruby.

In the mode of the game, each mode behaves differently. In career mode, you have chapters or levels. Within these chapters, you have stages with different tasks, like traffic signals where you obey traffic signals and in time trial you reach at a point in fixed time and in a school zone, you have to careful in a school zone. In top racer mode, you join the race and perform the best to win the race. In the tournament, you have to complete different stages with multiplayer. In taxi mode, you drive your car as a taxi and pick and drop passengers to there required place. In the championship, you play with a real-life player online.

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