Clash Royale Tips – Complete Guide for Beginners

clash royale tips


When I first started playing this game, I try my best to understand the basics of the game, wanted to find out if I was on the right path or not. For a beginner, it was definitely a challenge to master the game in the absence of guides and clash royale tips. Thus, I hope that this clash royale tips guide will give beginner players an understanding of the basics and enjoy the game!

Disclaimer:  This post/article is just for information/education/entertainment purpose. We Do Not Promote Hacking/Cheating. We strongly advise you to play fair and without any cheats and hacks. The use of knowledge/information provided in this post/article is all up to user/reader. Download official versions of games the companies who made these games deserve the credit.

Clash Royal is a real-time strategy multiplayer game with your favorite Clash of Clans characters. The game gives you TowerDefence battles, collecting and improving Gold, Gems, and chests as you progress through the various Arenas and discover new maps! This clash royale tips guide will help you understand everything you need to know as a beginner to get started!

clash royale tips

The first thing you will do when you start the game is a training session that will teach you how to use your cards on the battlefield and win. Unfortunately, it does not provide detailed information on how to successfully use your cards in accordance with the strategy. In this clash royale tips guide, I want to introduce you to many strategies in order to win!

How to win:

In order to win the battle, you must either destroy the Tower of the King of the opponent (which will immediately give you 3 Crowns of victory) or destroy one Tower of the Arena of the opponent more than your opponent during the time allocated for the game. Both of you, your opponent and you are given three minutes to do this, but if after three minutes you still have a draw, the game goes into Sudden Death mode and gives an extra minute (overtime). The first player who destroyed ANY Enemy Tower for extra time is declared the winner. If during this time, none of the players could not destroy the enemy’s tower, then a draw is declared.

clash royale tips

Success will reward you with trophies. It doesn’t matter if you win one Crown or three – you get the same number of trophies for it. Winning 3 Crown is no different from winning 1 Crown (except that the more Crowns you get, the faster you will open the Royal Chest – approx. Transl. ). In fact, most battles are won in 1 or 2 crowns. So you need to understand when to continue attacking the King’s Tower, and when it’s better to simply destroy one or two Arena Towers instead.

1 Crown = You must destroy one Tower of the Arena of the enemy

2 Crown = You must destroy two Towers of the Arena of the enemy

3 Crown = You must destroy the Tower of the King

How to Collect a lot of Gold

Making Gold in Clash Royale is not an easy task. If you do not want to change real money for virtual currency, then you have a couple of effective ways to collect gold. Of course, the first and most effective way to collect gold is to get chests for won duels.

At first, it may seem that you cannot shake out a decent amount of gold, but after a dozen battles won and open chests, you will have a small fortune. In this way, I can collect about 1000 coins in three days, while actively wasting on improving my cards.

clash royale tips

As soon as you reach the third level, immediately join the clan. In addition to communication and friendly battles with your friends, you will also have a new opportunity to earn money. clash royale tips.

At any time, a player from the clan can request the card he needs, if there is one in your collection, then you can share it with him. After the transaction, in return for one given card, you will be rewarded with gold and experience. The higher the rarity of the card, the greater the reward will be for it.

Also, you yourself have the right to ask for cards! It is better to immediately join a large and active clan because in such places the fastest way to exchange cards can be earned. Do not hesitate to leave the sad clans for the sake of finding a more suitable place.

Clash Royale Gems

We trade in gold, but there are also gems in the game. How about them? These precious stones, for which you can buy everything you want, are the premium currency, so getting them is already much harder than ordinary gold. Hard, but still possible! There is a very high probability to find two to five gems in a free chest, so do not forget to open it every four hours. In all other chests, they can also hide. In addition, you will get a bit of gems and experience when you complete an achievement.

clash royale tips

Spend Gold Wisely

Upgrade only those cards that you actively use in your personal deck. If you start to improve everything, then spend a large number of gold coins so quickly.

Soon you will not have enough money to further develop the really important cards. Of course, the improvement procedure gathers experience to increase your level, but you can get it in many other ways.

Superfluous cards are best given to clan friends. clash royale tips. Collect gold can also be spent on the purchase of new cards in the game store.

clash royale tips

How to get the best Chests?

As I mentioned above, the chests are awarded to the winners of duels, and every four hours one chest is given to you for free. But did you know that the winner can earn not only a silver chest? Also in duels, there is a chance to knock out a golden or even a magic chest! Of course, the probability of rarer chests falling out is very small, but you will still come across them if you play quite a lot. For example, I have already received one magic chest, as well as a dozen gold ones in a few days of the game.

clash royale tips

In addition, each player for ten crowns can open a royal chest. clash royale tips. It contains a very rich reward, so always follow the path of its discovery. For each tower destroyed reward one crown. Try your best to completely defeat your rival in order to get three (or at least two) such crowns in one duel. For me, it is considered an unsuccessful battle, not only the one in which I lost but also the one in which I won, destroying only one tower from an opponent. After you have collected ten crowns and open the royal chest, wait a few hours, not participating in duels for the chests until you again have the opportunity to save crowns for the royal chest.

When to Attack the King’s Tower?

HP (health points) at the Tower of the King is much more than at the Towers of the Arena. In fact, HP King’s Tower is 60% more than the Tower of the Arena!

clash royale tips

As a rule, in order to win, it is much safer to destroy one or two enemy Arena Towers and to defend well to prevent your opponent from destroying your two Arena Towers.

The king is in “sleep mode” when the battle begins, which means that he will not help you in defense with his guns while he sleeps. In order to wake the King one of the following actions should occur:

  1. One of the Arena Towers is destroyed
  2. The King’s Tower was attacked. If both Arena Towers are still alive, but the King’s Tower has been damaged, it will wake the King.

Important: Avoid attacks on the Tower of the King, if you have not destroyed one of the Towers of the Arena! This will wake the opponent’s King, and he will begin to fire at your troops from his cannon. clash royale tips. Therefore, make sure that when you use maps that cause damage to areas, such as a Fireball or Arrows, do not fall into the Tower of the King! Causing damage to the King’s Tower, before one of the Arena Towers is disabled, is one of the biggest mistakes newcomers make and leads to a turning point in the battle.

“Effective use of Elixir is the key to Win.”

This is the secret formula for victory. Each card has its own cost of elixir. In order to have an advantage, your goal is to confront your opponent with a card or a combination of cards with a lower elixir cost than your opponent. For example, if your opponent sends a Knight (3 elixirs) and Archers (3 elixirs) together, then you use the Fireball (4 elixirs) to destroy both of these troops. *** This is a useful step because you spent the card costing 4 elixirs to remove a 4-elixir combination. Thus, it will give you a win in 2 elixirs. clash royale tips. The more you are apart from in this race, the more chances you have of winning (as you begin to create stronger combinations). So, you should always spend Elixir effectively!

clash royale tips


Do not waste the Elixir! Your Elixir is replenished by one unit every second, but it has a limit of 10 units! This is very important because when it reaches 10, you will no longer have more Elixir. Thus, you should always keep your Elixir scale growing and not allow it to reach and stop at 10.

Do not use recklessly several cards at once. As this will give your opponent an easy opportunity to counter your combination of cards with less use of the Elixir. For example, take the example of the Ball of Fire, which we considered earlier. If you release the Knight (3 elixirs), Barbarians (5 elixirs) and Goblin Spears (2 elixirs) all at once, then you will spend all your 10 Elixirs. What your opponent can simply answer with a single Fireball (4 Elixir) and all your troops will be destroyed. Clash royale tips. which will give you a deficit of 6 Elixir, and you will be powerless against any attack of your opponent, which he can organize with his advantage in 6 Elixir. That is why it is very important to start slowly, making profitable exchanges and winning the Elixir race.

In many cases, it is much better to allow your opponent to do a small amount of damage to your Towers in order to intercept the Elixir championship. For example, you have 5 elixirs and your opponent sends Goblin Spears to one of your Towers and you only have the cards of Barbara or Arrow to withstand. clash royale tips. However, in this case, it is better not to use the card to confront Goblin Spearmen.


  1. Arrows cost 3 Elixir. Using a card costing 3 Elixir to destroy a card costing 2 Elixir is a bad compromise.
  2. Barbarians cost 5 Elixir and you have only 5. If you use the Barbara card, you will be left without the Elixir, which means that you give your opponent the opportunity to create a strong combination to destroy your Barbarians and attack your Tower.
  3. Your Arena Towers are protected by archers sitting on them. Which means that they will attack and destroy weak Goblin Spearmen with several shots. While Goblin Spearmen cause some damage to your Tower. Even if your Tower took some damage, this is still a big compromise, because it gave you a win in 2 Elixirs. This makes it possible to form a stronger combination of cards than your opponent, to inflict even more severe damage.