Clash of Magic Private Servers (Clash of Clans)

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Clash of Magic Private Servers

Another one of the Private Servers of Clash of Clans. Just like Null’s Clash, Clash of Lights and Clash Of Souls, Clash of Magic private Servers provides the best MOD of Clash of Clans. You will never get tired or bored of playing Clash of Magic. Unlike Official Servers, They have so much to offer and you have to pay them nothing.

Disclaimer:  This post/article is just for information/education/entertainment purpose. We Do Not Promote Hacking/Cheating. We strongly advise you to play fair and without any cheats and hacks. The use of knowledge/information provided in this post/article is all up to user/reader. Download official versions of games the companies who made these games deserve the credit.


Clash of Magic has two private servers providing services to clashers.

1: Server 1             2: Server 2



1: Server 1 (Clash of Magic Private Server)

Server one of Clash of Magic is a fully MODED and customized server of Clash of Clans. After installing this server apk forget about rules and restrictions. Play Clash of Clans without worries of resources and gems on this server. You just got promoted to Boss level.

Some key features of this server are:

  • Unlimited Resources

With Server 1 you get to enjoy unlimited resources. These resources include Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Elixir and Unlimited Dark Elixir.

  • Unlimited Gems

With the unlimited resources, you get Unlimited Gems to spend. Use gems speed up training or finish any upgrade with just 1 tap. Unlock and upgrade anything with these free unlimited gems.

Clash of Lights Private Servers
Clash of Lights Private Servers
  • Unlimited Troops

Get unlimited Troops in Server 1, Unlock all troops including Dark Troops and train with unlimited resources at your disposal.

  • Unlock Heroes

Unlock Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Warden easily. Upgrade them with the help of unlimited Gems and Resources. Whereas in the normal game it takes ages to unlock and max out these Heroes.

  • Unlock and Build Amazing buildings

Unlock and build all amazing buildings you thought were impossible for you in the normal game. Build Eagle Artillery, X-bow and Inferno Tower with ease.


2: Server 2 (Clash of Magic Private Server)

This is a normal server just like official servers. You have to earn resources and gems. Everything is normal and you have to do all things the hard way. It has a normal build time, normal troops training. You have to collect resources to upgrade anything.


How to get Clash of Magic Private Server?

Well, it is easier than you thought, they have their own utility. You can browse and download Server apk files with it.

simply Download this utility and install on your phone. Open it and browse for available servers.

Download Utility :                                         


Status:                  We tested these servers and found these inactive as of today’s date.


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