Clash of Clans Hack – Download latest version

clash of clans hack

Today we talk about one of the rare support programs for Clash of Clans. XModGames hack for Clash Of Clans is the only working XModGames hacking game for Clash of Clans. It’s no secret that no one has yet been able to hack Clash Of Clans, but partially add some features to the game, this is possible thanks to the XModGames hack. What does this program do?

Disclaimer:  This post/article is just for information/education/entertainment purpose. We Do Not Promote Hacking/Cheating. We strongly advise you to play fair and without any cheats and hacks. The use of knowledge/information provided in this post/article is all up to user/reader. Download official versions of games the companies who made these games deserve the credit.

Let’s find out what features Xmodgames provides. Jailbreak in the iOS device is required for this program, and on Android devices root rights are required…

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What features does XModGames hack provide for Clash of Clans?

  • Automatic selection of opponents in the process of resource theft. For you, the program clicks on the “Next” until you have an adversary with a certain amount of resources, the number of resources you decide.
  • Automatically pick opponents with a certain number of minimum cups.
  • Ability to choose the maximum level of the opponent’s Town Hall.
  • Combine several of the above criteria when searching for an adversary.
  • Turn on the sound effect when the program finds a certain opponent.
  • Attack the player, who only you can go to visit, even the players of the native clan.
  • Simulate an attack in a clan war, and train without losing troops, before actually attacking him.
  • Stay online in Clash of Clans, in active mode.

A list of all features can be seen at the end of the article.

How to download XModGames hack for Clash of Clans?

XModGames can be installed on both Android and IOS, but I will show how to install on iOS and Android separately. To do this, you first need to download the program and install the instructions, links to the instructions below.

If you have root rights, you can increase the ability to manage system capabilities. For us, root rights need XModGames hack to be able to access the Clash of Clans.

Attention! Before downloading and installing XModGames, you need to get root permissions on Android

You can download XModGames from the official website:

Installing XModGames hack for Clash Of Clans

You need to install the downloaded APK file, and XModGames will appear on your desktop. After launching the program, some familiarization things may jump, go through it so that the program interface is available.

clash of clans hack

On the main screen of the program, a list of available games for the XModGames mod that are present on your device appears. If you already have Clash of Clans installed, it will definitely be in the list, only instead of the “launch” button there will be the “install mod” button, and the “launch” will become available only after mod installation.

How to run XModGames for Clash Of Clans

Before you start Clash of Clans via XModGames hack, make sure that you have root administrator rights on your device. If you do not have it, look on the Internet for how to get it for your device.

Before you click the start button, you must close the game Clash of Clans, which may have been open early in your game. This is necessary for the game to start with the mod.

clash of clans hack

After launching, if you did everything correctly, the “robot” button appears on the right corner. This button is the button for calling the program menu.

When you click on the “robot” menu appears. From this menu, we are interested in the “Xmod” button. If you click on it, a menu appears with the available XModGames hack features for Clash of Clans.

clash of clans hack

Details XmodGames, functions for Clash of Clans

Let’s take a closer look at all the XModGames for Clash of Clans.


Training bout: – Conditions when attacking an opponent

  • Training bout: (on / off) – Turn off the attack when visiting
  • Sandbox during playback (on / off) – Turn off data collection (traps, mini, hidden tesla) when viewing a completed battle
  • Enemy clan fortress troops (0-35) – Select enemy clan fortress troops
  • Troops in my clan fortress (0-35) – Select troops of your own Clan Fortress
  • The number of own troops – Select the troops to attack (the troops of the camp)
  • Choose spell set – Select spells to attack

Instruction traps: – Show Traps

  • Show Traps and Hidden Tesla (On / Off) – Show Tesla’s Traps and Hiding during a real battle (Only works during a real battle)

Setting search criteria: – Search Parameters Settings to find a suitable opponent

  • Gold more than – 0>
  • Elixir more than – 0>
  • Dark Elixir is more than – 0>
  • Getting traffic over 0 ->
  • Maximum Town Hall Level – 1-10
  • The distance from the base to the edge of the map – (0-20 Town Hall Closer to the edge)
  • Matches all conditions – (On / Off) Combine all conditions
  • Auto search – (On / Off) Turn off the automatic search function with the specified parameters
  • Minimum Search Delay – Time in seconds before clicking “next”
  • Maximum search pause – Maximum delay time in seconds to click “next”
  • Sound alert when detected (On / Off) – Play the sound if the opponent is found
  • Vibration alert upon detection (On / Off) – Vibration if an opponent is found

Maintain online: – Stay online

  • Re-connect automatically (On / Off) – Stay online in active mode in Clash of Clans
  • Change connection time in seconds) – Delay in seconds when reconnecting

After installing Xmodgames hack, life in Clash of Clans will be much easier, it will help you quickly gain resources with minimal time loss, help you train before an attack in a clash of clans, make it possible to stay online and much more…