Bullet Force Online Action Game

Bullet Force is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game. Unlike PUBG its free to play is not banned in any country(yet). It supports almost all operating systems Windows, MAC, and Android.  This Game offers intense gameplay. The PVP battles are intense and breathtaking.

Bullet Force 1st Screen
Bullet Force


The graphics are average in this game. You can not high-end HD graphics in this game. It’s actually useful for some players. Low graphics means less memory and low computation power. So this game runs smoothly even on devices with low specs. You can enjoy this game even on devices with 2 GB RAM.

Bullet Force Graphics
Bullet Force Graphics Screen 1


Main Features:

  • Fast and Supports low-end devices.
    It also covers low-end devices territory. Players with low specs devices can enjoy this game without lag and glitches.
  • Intense Gameplay.
    The gameplay is very intense and breath takings. Bullet showers everywhere.
  • Different Gameplay modes.
    you can play quick matches in which you can select either to play with a team or free for all. In team matches, you lose when your team loses and in free for all, anyone can kill anyone for points. It also features conquest and Gun Game modes.
Bullet Force
Game Play Modes
  • Many maps (environments) to play.
    You can choose among 12 different maps to play in. These 12 maps are 1: Office, 2: Urban, 3: Park, 4: Prison, 5: City, 6: Meltdown, 7: Canyon, 8: Aftermath, 9: Outpost, 10: Woods, 11: Zen and, 12: Village.
  • Customizable weapons and skins.
    You can customize your weapons and add new skins for your heroes.
Bullet Force
  • Join ongoing matches or make new matches.
    You get to choose if you want to join ongoing matches or create a new one where others can join you.

Game Play:

As mentioned above the game is first-person shooter game like PUBG, Call of Duty and Fortnite. Yo get play only in teams. Unlike those two the victory depends on earned points. The team with more points wins the match.

The gameplay is high paced and requires basic control over mouse and keyboard if you are playing on pc. Same is for Android and MAC. You are competing against other online players so you need to be active and attentive until the match ends. Whenever you or your team player dies, respawns quickly but you lose points and points are the only thing that matters in this game.

Before jumping into real matches, you can practice in practice mode. where you can develop your skills

How to play Bullet Force on PC?

This game doesn’t have installation file or set up to run on PC (yet), instead, it loads up in your browser and you can play in browser.

Play online on your PC                     Click Here

Bullet Force
Play on PC


When you start your game in pc it loads the resource files in your browser which vary from 100 to 300 MB in size. You can control your overall game with mouse and keyboard.

How to play Bullet Force on Android?

You can download this game directly on your phone from PlayStore. The games size is about 570 MB.

Play on Android