Bullet Force Multiplayer Online Game

Bullet Force Multiplayer

Bullet Force Multiplayer is actually Bullet Force game feature or you can say its game mode.  In our last post, we talked about Bullet Force and its features. It is basically just like PUBG with great features. One of its features is Multiplayer.

Bullet Force Multiplayer
Bullet Force

What exactly Bullet Force Multiplayer mean?

Bullet Force is a PvP game. It allows players to compete with each other. Players can choose to play in teams or free play, and the team play is called Bullet Force Multiplayer. In this mode, teams compete with each other to get points.  Killing players of opponent team awards points. The players respawn after getting killed but they lose points. The goal points are set at the start of every match. The team to reach first this goal wins.

Invite Friends:

Invite your friends, form teams and take down the opponents. Playing in teams is always better. The team members can help and defend each other. A single player only covers a small area as compared to teams. And it’s always nice to play with friends. Bullet Force also supports in-game chat so you can talk with your friends and coordinate your attacks and movements.

You can choose between three modes:

  1. Quick Play
  2. Join a match
  3. Create a match
Bullet Force Multiplayer
Game Play Modes


Bullet Force Multiplayer Maps:

This game offers different maps to play and practice.  It supports 12 maps at this time. Each map is consists of different environments. All these environments affect the gameplay. Players may find one easier than other or harder than orders to play in

  1.  Office

    This map depicts an office environment in a big building. You have to go through cabins, rooms, and floors. Whenever you get killed you are revived somewhere in that office building.  Make use of cabins and chairs to tackle your opponents and kill them.

    office environment
    Office map
  2.  Urban

    The urban map is where you land in an abandoned Urban Area. you will see buildings, roads and train tracks on this map. You can trap your enemies on rail tracks or get trapped.

    Bullet Force Multiplayer
    Urban Map
  3.  Park

    In this map, the players have to make their way in a vast park.  There are storage, shelter and its deserted. take a walk in the park but be careful there may be enemies.

    Bullet Force Multiplayer
    Park map
  4.  Prison 

    When you select to play on this map, you land (or should I say wake up) in an empty prison with a gun in your hand. The prison has different levels and blocks.

    Bullet Force Multiplayer
    Prison map
  5.  City

    The city map consists of an abandoned city. It has collapsed and tall buildings. It is ideal to test your sniper skills.

    City map
    City map
  6.  Meltdown

    It is an old power plant site which had a meltdown.  It has blocked subways and abandoned plant sites.

    Abandoned power plant
    Meltdown map
  7.  Canyon

    As the name suggests it resembles Grand Canyon. The rocky paths make it hard to walk and provide places to hide.

    map like grand canyon
    Canyon map
  8.  Aftermath

    It shows the aftermath of an abandoned army base after war. This one is my favorite so far. You can explore the whole map and it doesn’t have too many obstacles.

    war aftermath
    Aftermath map
  9.  Outpost

    Here you have to battle in an army outpost. You will find bunkers and trucks very useful.

    out post
    Outpost map
  10.  Woods

    The word forest would have been more suitable for this map but we don’t get to name it.  Here you will have to walk through mountain forest and secret layers and running streams.  The turns are sudden so you may find it difficult than others.

    Forest map
    Woods map
  11.  Zen

    This game won’t disappoint Chines players because Zen map is basically Chinese territory. It shows Chinses temples and houses. Other than that it doesn’t have much to explain.

    chines map
    Zen map
  12.  Village

    This map allows players to play in a village environment. This village is covered in snow. The unpredictable paths and houses make it hard to master.

    Village map

Final words:

This game is made for low-end devices, so you can not expect it to be better that PUBG and Fortnite. However, the gameplay is smooth and is a great time killer. Earn points to win and try not to die too many times.

Supported Operating Systems:

This game can run on almost all modern Operating Systems like Android, Windows, and MAC.
In Windows OS it runs in an internet browser. For Android, you have to install it.

  1.  For Windows/PC:
    Open this link in your browser to play this game.
    It will load resource files in your browser after that you can play.                   
  2. For Android:
    Download Free for Android