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Best Clash Royale Decks

Best Clash Royale Decks

The most difficult thing for any player playing Clash Royale is not to win the fight or open a new card, but to make a running balanced deck. The best Clash Royale decks with guidelines for use for each arena are given in this article. This will help to quickly understand which of them suits you more.

Disclaimer:  This post/article is just for information/education/entertainment purpose. We Do Not Promote Hacking/Cheating. We strongly advise you to play fair and without any cheats and hacks. The use of knowledge/information provided in this post/article is all up to user/reader. Download official versions of games the companies who made these games deserve the credit.

Best Clash Royale Decks

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Deck for Arena 1

The group shown in the image may change with increasing levels and the using of new maps. I directly explain which of them can be changed and on what, but later I will build on this design. The average loss of the elixir, in this case, will be from 3.0 to 3.9.

Best Clash Royale Decks

Structure of the Decks

Bomber and Knight:

  • The option of the knight is clear, it is one of the most balanced cards in the game. It is perfect for defending towers before barbarians come.
  • Bomber attacks huge enemies, and in the first stages it is important to be able to resist goblins or skeletons armies, so this is a compulsory group. Also, if you manage to bring it to the enemy’s tower, then the damage inflicted on them will be huge. Also, it is better to replace it with a baby dragon.

Giant and Musketeers:

  • Always use this team together, if you remove one of them from the deck. Then the value of the other will almost end. On the battlefield, they work well and in the first arena. There is just an enemy who can quickly break them.

Arrows and Archers:

  • The most common goblins and goblins with spears are the cards needed at the start of the game, but they have one weak point – these are arrows. Most of your opponents will exhibit green Lilliputians, so you cannot do without the most useful weapons against them. Best Clash Royale Decks. After some time, it can be replaced with a fireball, but only when you learn to fire them.
  • Archers are good for the same reason, but also because you should not remove troops from the detachment that can attack both ground and air targets, believe me, there are not many.


There are three simple debuts for such a deck:

  • The first is to prepare for the attack of the enemy and minimize their loss of elixir. To do this, in the corner of the map (right or left, it does not matter) place the spears goblins. They cost only 2 units, but at the same time, they will reject the first wave. At the same time giving you a chance to fully prepare for the thought. With a more aggressive tactic, the same can be done by placing Goblins directly at the bridge. Best Clash Royale Decks. This usually ensures the first few attacks on a defense tower, before the enemy has time to respond.
  • The second debut opens with a knight because he is quite strong to meet an enemy face to face and not die. He will not be left in debt and will surely wound the attacker before he gets to your towers. And if your opponent does not have time to swing by this point, then add to him archers or goblins and now a start has been made to a full-fledged attack.
  • The last way to open a battle is archers, they are used most often. Yes, they are a little more expensive than goblins, but they will manage with any category of enemies. Best Clash Royale Decks.  Place them behind one of the towers in order to have time in front of the bridge to join a knight or a giant to them.

– While you have a giant in the deck, he will be the main leading force of your offensive action, use it in any combination: “giant + musketeer”“giant + bomber”“giant + archers”. This is a simple but effective tactic. Always release one half of the pair from the back of the card in order to collect enough elixir to join the second one.

– If the enemy attacks, in the same way, set up a strong team of a musketeer, a knight and a bomber, with such a deck is the fastest way to kill a giant and focus on the troops behind him. Best Clash Royale Decks. The same team is suitable for a massive attack, as an alternative to the giant, if it is not in hand.

– When there are not enough units or an elixir, use another defense position: show the actual troops, be archers or goblins with spears behind the horde who came after the giant. So you quickly destroy the main attacking force, and then with the help of the tower, you will overcome the giant.

– You are not in vain took the arrows in the deck, use them against any concentrations of the enemy: skeletons armygoblinsminions.

– At the end of the match, if you managed to destroy one of the defensive towers, it is worth sending all your forces to the main one under the cover of a giant. Best Clash Royale Decks. During the double elixir, call the goblins, the musketeer and the bomber, they cause a lot of damage and, most importantly, the king’s gun can focus only on one of them, who most likely will be a giant. But during such an attack there is a big risk: provided that your opponent has a fireball, with one blow he will be able to take down the health of the majority of your team. Best Clash Royale Decks. Therefore, watch the opponent’s deck during the match to know what to do at the end.

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Deck for Arena 2

If you want to join the same strategy as in drawing up the first deck, then you need to replace the giant with the prince, the bomber with the baby dragon, the musketeer with the Valkyrie, and the goblins with the skeletons army, but if you are interested in something new, then the next deck just for you. Best Clash Royale Decks. The average waste of elixir will be from 3.9 to 4.3.

Best Clash Royale Decks

Structure of the decks

Prince and Baby Dragon:

  • These two cards are required in the deck. The prince is a real killer of the towers, the enemy will have to calculate with his double damage if he does not want to lose his talents, so he will definitely be distracted by it.
  • The baby dragon has an obvious advantage over the others: it flies, which makes it invulnerable against certain classes of enemies and causes huge damage, which quickly bears numerous crows, and its survival allows you to almost always reach the defensive tower.

Bomb Tower and Fireball:

  • A bomb tower is needed to divert the attention of large units and destroy them, if necessary, can be replaced with a skeletons army, since they do the same, but they are cheaper.
  • By this time, you should already learn how to aim with a fireball, but if not, they will always fit to replace the arrow, although it was for such a situation that the lightning was turned on in the deck, it costs more, but always insure if you need to hit the open space.


– You can still play those debuts that were described for the first arena, but also use the new one:

  • A right way to start the game is to release the baby dragon from the corner of the map. It does not cost so much to deprive you of the ability to defend yourself, but it will bring the first problem to the enemy, revealing his behavior. And since the dragon is also tenacious, you will have time to prepare for defense.

– The idea of ​​playing such a deck consists of a sensible defense of a Bomb Tower, a baby dragon and archers, waiting for the right moment, and then in a sharp and unexpected blow. With a direct attack, you will disperse the forces and become vulnerable at the time, wait until the enemy’s elixir runs out.

– The best thing that your opponent can do in this case is to use an X-Bow, which, while standing in its own half of the field, will attack your defensive tower. At this point, do not wait, call on the help of a baby dragon and a skeletons army, together they will rather destroy him.

– If you took the Bombs Tower instead of the skeletons army, try to keep it on the field as often as possible. While it stands, enemy troops will inflict less damage on one of the defense towers, but they will constantly try to break through, which consumes a lot of elixirs, and that’s what you need.

– To counterattack in the deck including the prince. To send him alone is a big risk, the probability is too high that he will be distracted by a tomb or a skeletons army, so always put archers or Goblins to him, otherwise, he may become a wasted elixir.

– In the last seconds of the match, concentrate all your forces on the tower that has suffered the most damage, if you are sure that the attack will destroy it. Lead the prince forward and throw spells, now is the time to use them. Lightning will destroy the defensive troops, and the fireball will finish the job. Best Clash Royale Decks. If the situation is ambiguous, you hesitate how to act at the time when the countdown of the double elixir began, send all your strength along two paths. It scares newbies, they don’t know what to do and often make mistakes.

Deck for Arena 3

Best Clash Royale Decks

Structure of the decks:

Giant. It makes no sense to say that a pool for any deck is its foundation. In the third arena, the giant will serve as such a force. Place it behind the royal tower and let the elixir collect. When a strong man comes to the bridge, you will already have enough resources to provide him with help.

Musketeer. He cannot be called the main attacking force, but the fact that he does a lot of damage is true. Just imagine: he is good against a baby dragon, he kills a minion or goblin with one shot, he defends a giant. Just do not let him get too close, otherwise, you risk losing both when the enemy surrounds them with barbarians or goblins.

Arrows. A simple cheap spell is needed to achieve an advantage in the elixir. Its usefulness is clear: it destroys goblins, minions, barbarians, which means you will quickly go on the attack.

Valkyrie. It seems useless, but it is not. Suppose this situation: a giant rushing at you, and behind him a musketeer and a knight. The easiest way to do this is to lay out a Valkyrie — she will deal with the knight and musketeer, and the barbarians will kill the giant.

Barbarians. These four brothers will always help with the tank – no matter how, but they pour it to him, rest sure.

Spear Goblins. Goblins – universal card. They attack the tower from distance, and the Musketeers will be shut down, and they are inexpensive. Their presence in the deck is important.

Baby dragon. With this card, so everything is clear: you just need to put it in motion, and most of the enemies will not stand.


Attack. First focus on the attack. For these purposes: a giant, a baby dragon, a Valkyrie, a musketeer are suitable. Always keep the Valkyrie behind the giant, as it is easy to kill, and the musketeer is the opposite — 2-3 cells from this couple, otherwise, they will be trampled with them. If the enemy did not give up protection when the giant crossed the bridge, it means he is waiting for the musketeer, wait a bit and send him along with the Goblins – they will cover him.

Protection. Never let barbarians attack, leave them in the back. if there is in the hand, you can add Valkyrie. And, of course, there cannot do without a baby dragon – it is ideal to break ground team, but most of all in order to move from defense to a full-fledged offensive. For a while, the dragon will distract the enemy, and you will have time to expose the giant behind and start the attack.

If the opponent put up an X-Bow at the very beginning of the fight, then send the giant along with the barbarians along a different line – so they quickly destroy the defense tower, and maybe even reach the royal one.

Hog rider and freeze is a separate topic that should be mentioned. For many, such teamwork is a threat. We will explain how to protect against it. First, throw the barbarians as soon as you notice the rider. They pass him in the middle of the path, even if they get a fireball. Best Clash Royale Decks. Secondly, throw Goblins after freezing, but not before. So you will break off the attack with minimal losses, but give the enemy a head start 1 point of elixir.

Deck for Arena 4

Again, if you are normal to the deck of the second arena, then this one will seem native since it represents its upgrade version. The average waste of the elixir (3.9) is great, but at the same time, it is optimized so that you will not spend too much on counteracting various attacks.

Best Clash Royale Decks

Structure of the deck

Spell Traps and Hog rider:

  • Two advantages of this deck and its two disadvantages. The spell trap is better than the Inferno Tower, which can be replaced in the absence of the first, but this is undesirable. Best Clash Royale Decks. Eliminating arrows from the deck, we need to somehow defend against multiple targets and this is exactly what it serves. But the main value is that it cannot be destroyed from distance.
  • The hog rider is presented as an alternative to the prince, as the main destroyer of the towers, but then everything depends on your personal preferences.

Spells and Archers:

  • That fireball, that lightning is extremely important in such a composition and can save by the end of an unsuccessful party, and in full swing, help to get rid of the goblin barrel or the witch.
  • Archers in this case – the cheapest way to air defense, as the minions would not be so effective, and their minion horde is too expensive.


Since the spell trap has appeared, there is a chance to try out a new kind of defensive debut.

  • You put it in the center of the area, not too close to the river, and wait for the enemy to come. It is important not to overdo it with time: put it too early and it will quickly burn out, too late, the potential influx of the elixir will be lost. Other players can also wait until the last, and if this happens, use the goblins option.

– Your main advantage in armed defense, so keep the spell traps on the field for as long as you can. Without it, a prince or a hog rider can easily pick up your defensive towers.

– The spell gives you the opportunity to accumulate enough elixir to connect the barbarians and the Hog rider in one attack, which often breaks through the line of defense. Under favorable conditions, you can still attach a baby dragon to them, which makes this alliance complete tank pressure. Put the barbarians in front of the rider and they will move faster.

– Because of the clear similarity with the deck of the second arena. The end of the round should be carried out in the same way. But if your opponent behaves aggressively and constantly presses you with a new supply of his troops. Then follow the following proven tactics: dig in two spell traps, archers and a baby dragon. And as soon as a break appears, launch fireballs and lightning on the towers. Such an approach can take your victory at the last moment.

Deck for Arena 5

Best Clash Royale Decks

Structure of the deck:

Spear Goblins. Even in the 5th arena, they have not lost their relevance. Goblins are good at starting spears in both ground and air units. They serve as a human shield for tanks, so without them, you just cannot do.

Lightning. Normally enough, but the farther you go, the more clear its benefits become. For example, small lightning kills goblins, skeletons, minions (well, almost). In any case, you increase your elixir advantage when you hit the crowds that have approached the tower.

A gun. No other defensive structure in the game has such versatility. The Inferno Tower is suitable only against bosses, the ad is too weak, the tower with bombs, on the contrary, only against the crowd. The gun is relatively cheap and is able to repel a hog rider and a giant skeleton. And with the help of towers, and kill the barbarians.

Rocket. Let’s be honest and say: this card is cheating. She can win when units are not able to reach the tower, but its cost is high. Honest or dishonest, but it helps to win – this is important.

Minions Horde 

Six minions are the most wanted after air units after the dragon. The reason is simple – they are easy and quick to apply. They will save in the defense when they attacked the tower, they will help in the attack, they perfectly complement other cards, for example, the prince.

The Wizard dear is true, but it can be used in different ways. He fries the barbarians and goblins, he severely wounds the musketeer, he eventually beats the tower from the baby dragon. Skipping it would be a big mistake.

Barbarians are like bodyguards. They guard the tower, they guard the tank. They will not leave a powerful keen power, but they hold the enemy for a long time when it takes time to organize the defense.

Prince. Through the aggressive nature of the attack and the need to spread, the prince is suitable for protection. He will stop the advancing units that hit the area, for example, Valkyrie. And if you use the combination of “prince + Minion Horde”, then the enemy tower is guaranteed to be destroyed, provided that there are no defenders near it.


Attack. The fight always starts with Goblins – they will check the hand of the enemy and give you the opportunity to collect an elixir. If a ride appeared on the other side of the field, boldly lead the minions and the prince into battle – most likely to destroy the tower. Best Clash Royale Decks. During the clash, combine the wizard with a horde – together they are universal and disastrous for most units.

Protection. This deck is aim at control, which means you will have to constantly hold in pressure from your opponent, going into a counterattack. Therefore, it is important to pay more attention to the type of decks with which you have to fight.

Deck for Arena 6

Structure of the deck:

Spears Goblins. Goblins are suitable for quick raids and sharp attacks, as well as to cover the musketeer and the wizard. It is best to let them start at the very beginning or complement the attack that has begun.

Barbarians. In the sixth arena (and later ones as well) you will have to face large tanks, such as PEKKA, Sparky, a giant skeleton. Barbarians are a simple and effective remedy for their attacks, especially if you bleed them before.

Giant and PEKKA An important note to this deck are that two tanks are use at once. During a double elixir, they will go together, but until that moment beware of letting them in at the same time, as the lack of a resource will immediately make you defenseless. However, lay out the PEKKA, when it appears in your hand, to defend the tower, then to go on the offensive.

Wizard. Whatever attack you start, the wizard will come in handy for sure. Against giants, players usually release numerous hordes: minions, goblins, skeletons, and the wizard will destroy them, delivering PEKKA to a defensive tower.

Musketeer – a dangerous map, starting with the first arenas. The more you invest in it in the early stages, the more benefit you will get in the later stages, including the sixth arena, where it will serve as a good help in the attack for the giant and PEKKA

Arrows. This spell is one of the most useful in the game. Most often, if applied correctly, it gives an advantage in the elixir. But if you have a legendary princess card, then it is better to choose it. The princess, at a comparable price, creates the same effect. Only can lure new units from the enemy or, if she lasts, kill more enemies.

Elixir. With two tanks in the deck cannot do without the drive. It will become your weak point, but if you set it at the right time when the enemy cannot take advantage of the break. You will eventually win the match due to large forces.


Attack. First of all, install the elixir drive, but be prepared to release Goblins, as the opponent will immediately attack. As soon as you defeat his attempts, you can start your own offensive with one of the tanks. Which will be in your hand. After that, you will inevitably have to retreat. Best Clash Royale Decks. It is important for you to stand up to the period of double elixir when a large supply of resources will allow you to invite the entire army against the enemy. To make it easier, you need to know what cards you can defend against which ones.


Barbarians – the whole defensive map. It is better to use it when attacking a hog rider, Sparky, a wizard, a musketeer, a witch, a giant.

Musketeer is suitable against any air enemy.

The giant will stop the prince, the dark prince, the musketeer, the Valkyrie. PEKKA can perform the same function, but its abilities are more specific. So it is also effective against mini PEKKA and a hog rider.

Deck for Arena 7

The deck for the last arena is completely focused on PEKKA. He, like the golem, also needs to pay special attention. Therefore, all other cards will equip with the expectation of helping him. In this case, the average waste of the elixir will not exceed 4.1.

Structure of the deck

PEKKA and Wizard :

  • For PEKKA, there are two main threats, just like any other tank: skeletons and goblins. The wizard is just a private example of how to get rid of them. Best Clash Royale Decks. The rests of the cards: the baby dragon, the bomber, the arrows and the fireball perform the same function. They are enough to save PEKKA from instant death.


– We start, as always, with a baby dragon or goblins with spears. Later, if another player went on the defensive, add a wizard to them and prepare to release PEKKA.

– PEKKA output at the very bottom of the card and wait for the elixir to be enough to add Goblins to it. If a goblin hut or tombstone appears in front of him at this time, launch a fireball in them. Otherwise, increase the attack bomber and a baby dragon. There are situations when PEKKA itself does not have time to reach the defensive tower. But his henchmen will destroy it to half the health.

– When defending their own base, the barbarians will serve as a good counterbalance to the prince. And the fireball will not allow the balloon to attack the defense tower.

Alternative deck

Difficult to counterattack, but also difficult to manage air deck. It contains all the major flying units: a balloon, a baby dragon and a Minions horde. To all of this, freezing is add for a successful one-shot strike. As ground support used by the wizard, and the barbarians to protect against the prince or hog rider.

Do not send a balloon to attack alone, because of a small strip of health. Best Clash Royale Decks. Hell tower or tesla trap can easily knock him off course, especially dangerous for him. A wizard or a baby dragon is required to accompany him. And do not forget to freeze trying to destroy his enemies.