Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk with Obb Data Download

Angry birds 2 mod APK is the modified version of Angry Birds 2 with Obb data. Angry birds 2 is the next version of angry birds classic that is the first game launched by the company. The company also released a movie with the name of an angry bird like this after the success of their game.

How to install this game, please scroll down for guide if you don’t know. Angry birds 2 is very interesting game with fantastic graphics and story.

Angry Birds 2 Specification

Developed ByRovio Entertainment Corporation
File SizeApprox. 143MBs with Obb Data
Reviews4 Millions Plus
Downloads100 Million Plus

Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk Screenshots

angry birds 2 mod apk
Apk with Obb Data
Full Mod Apk With Data
Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk + Obb Data
Angry Birds Cage
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Angry Birds 2 Story

Angry Birds 2 is the next version of angry birds classics as mention above. When game start and you as player start fighting against your opponents who have the keys of cage where your other companions birds are poisoned. And you go through you enemy’s city and demolish their houses and find keys or go to next level. As you complete the levels you find the keys and go to free your other companions birds.

In this version of angry birds, the developer launched a room that is not in the previous version. Room is the two stages level name means, at the level first you demolish one house and go to the next room. In simple levels are divided into the rooms.

In this version developers also add cards. Cards are nothing but number of birds of one type you have and with them you hit pigs home. In the previous version all birds are in a row in the levels, here in this version if you have two birds of same type, you have two cards one on another.

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How to Install|Where to Place Obb file

In the Zip file you download, there are two files. One with apk extension file and other is with obb extension. When you Install Apk file, then you have to put obb file in the specific directory which is


When you install the apk file then you will be able to find this folder com.rovio.baba, not before apk installation. If you don’t put this obb file in this folder then game start and only a wallpaper of angry bird comes and stuck with the screen and nothing heppend. So please follow the steps and enjoy the Mod game. And please let us know if you find any difficulty regarding installation in the comment, we will be there for you.